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Ready for the BIGGEST Zac attack of your life?

Zac Efron Obsessors Belong Here
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1. This is a Zac Efron community. You do not always have to post something about Zac, but make it remotely the same. If you post something about Brad Pitt, it will get deleted, and you will be warned.
2. Things you can post having to do with him:
GRAPHICS- If you want put a up to THREE teasers you may, but only three, the rest MUST be under a LJ-cut if they are not i will comment warning you, and if you do not change it in 24 hours your post will be deleted, I don't care if "they're the most beautiful icons ever" It will be deleted.
FANFICS- Fanfics posted here MUST be under a cut, mustmustmust. No if's, and's, or but's about it. I'm serious. PLEASE follow the guidelines for fics, they will be posted in a while.
ARTICLES/NEWS/FACTS/RANDOM CRAP-If it's long put it under an LJ-cut I cannot stress that enough. PLEASE use LJ cuts.
3.THERE WILL NOT BE ANY RUDE COMMENTS! You will not even get a warning, you'll just be banned. Forever. If the icon maker asks for constructive criticism, you may give your point of view, if you have "you effing suck" on there, ohh it's not going to be a pretty day for you.
4. Keep your swearing light, if at all. Please, we do not know how old every single person in this community is. Think about the kiddies.
5. Promoting communities is not allowed. UNLESS you ask me, I will say 'yes' or I will say 'no' If I say 'no' Do not threaten to burn down my house and murder my family. -.- I'm just doing my job.
6. Fill out the application! You must post this in the "Application" post properly labeled "Application Post" (located here). You shall comment in that post with your application. Only there. If you post your application elsewhere it will be deleted. Also, label your comment with "You even look like one too" as subject title so that way we know you read the rules. ^^
7. PLEASE make ALL entries 'friends only'. We don't want non-members to steal our awesomeness. Mkay?
8. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

MSN: ishy004236@hotmail.com
AIM: pocketsizedpunk6
Yahoo: letterbomb1992@yahoo.com
My name is Ish, and I run this community, don't like it? There's the "leave the community" link, or the "X" at the corner of your page, use it. See ya!

MSN: reflectionofthesun@hotmail.com
Yahoo: ohhhthisislove@yahoo.com
i'm hillary. i'm 15. zac pretty much = ♥.

MSN: prettygirlsuffering@hotmail.com
My name is Amaris but mostly everyone calls me Ama. I'm one of the mantainers. (Durr you guys already knew that.XD). If you ever need anything don't be afraid to contact me. PEACE. ♥

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