I send an SOS to the world (just_ragdoll) wrote in zac_efron_love,
I send an SOS to the world

35 HSM icons

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May 3 2006, 17:23:10 UTC 13 years ago

Hi high school musical cast

I love your movie it's the best i ever seen before. I watch it like everyday cuz i taped it. I love watching it. I also still watch it on tv. I wish i could meet you guys- zac efron, ashley tisdale, vannessa anne hudgens and lucas gabreel. I love the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE its the best !!!!!!!

From madison


November 22 2006, 21:44:43 UTC 13 years ago

hey this is brooke i am talking to you on mylifeisawsome1 right now well i g2g bye


November 22 2006, 21:46:42 UTC 13 years ago

hey i love high school musical and zac efron is so cute!!!!!! i live in honolulu and it is awsome there well g2g bye oh and i am 19
I AM A RE-RE! i hate stupid people so i hate myself! wee snaw wee snaw!
all of you girls are here for zac...and you cant have him! i have bad news, i am his go=irlfriend! haha, i already had sex too!

All of you better clean up your act because this message-board is about HSM not all about Zac Efron, and all of the other gross stuff. Anyways, Zac doesn't have a girlfriend, so don't lie and write that you are. I also would like to tell you that Zac Efron doesn't really write to you guys, mostly it's people pretending, so dont beleive them. I would like you to pass this on to all of the other girls/guys who read this. You may noy swear/curse on this blog, or anything else that would be un-nessecary.

Mary Kindle

I am the creator of this website, and all of you have to listen to the rules or i will gladly take this website from existence. Again, thankyou.